Travel Review: Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

Grand Geyser tallest geyser in the world

Grand Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is the tallest predictable geyser in the world, reaching 150 to 200 feet high.

Old Faithful likely comes to mind when you think of Yellowstone National Park. And it’s certainly worth seeing, along with other geysers. But the geysers are just the start of what Yellowstone offers: hiking, biking, camping, fishing, wildlife-spotting and more. If the park were its own state, it would be larger than both Rhode Island and Delaware.

Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon is worth its own visit. You have several long or short hikes to choose from, along either side of the canyon. If you’re pressed for time, drive to the Upper and Lower Falls and view the rapids before a pair of drops into the canyon. For both falls, use paved overlooks or take short hikes for closer views. Visit the Upper Falls in the afternoon for a chance to see rainbows.

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